Re-reading Harry Potter

I find the Harry Potter series enthralling. I have read the whole series at least three times now. Generally, if I can I’ll read them one after another. I read quickly but this is still a fortnight of Hogwarts. I am currently halfway through the Goblet of Fire, episode four of the set. It is not my favourite! The first one is still the best. I just love the fairy tale quality to it, it has an excitement and innocence that I love. The wand shop in Diagon Alley is a favourite location, it reminds me of a very old shop near where I live. Though it was stacked high with small boxes of Airfix models, rather than wands. Continue reading

Along came a spider

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”

This week, show us something creepy — because hey, we can’t take photos of rainbows and puppies every day. Well, okay, I guess we can. But let’s branch out anyway!

Large spider
With a Smint packet for scale.

Spiders, fascination and fear in one package. This stupendous specimen currently inhabits my cloakroom. The fear needs little explanation. The fascination comes from Dracula. Renfield eats flies to gain their life force, he then moves on to eating spiders since they eat the flies. Eating spiders is a more efficient way to gain the life force. Continue reading