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How to Have an Intellectual Conversation

There is so much about this I like. For example:
“…having conversations with people isn’t about changing their minds, it’s about expanding your own. The tendency of human beings to force our opinions and worldviews onto others really cripples our ability to have intellectual conversations and debates with each other. We’re so focused on the end goal – on converting another’s opinions to our own – that we neglect to begin these conversations in the first place.”

Again, it is one of those posts that having read it, I find myself still thinking about it weeks later. I am not sure I can ask for more from a post; other than that it makes me laugh. And it does that too!

Wander Woman Thea

What do politics, sports, and religion have in common? Aside from being extremely lucrative career paths for men, they are totally taboo conversational topics and you never discuss them. Ever.

Why do you think this is so?

Because conversations about topics that tend to polarise people in a powerful way always end in fights: Catholics versus Protestants, Man United Football Club versus Liverpool, Democrats versus Republicans, etc. In the case of sports, these rivalries often end in bar fights; in politics, to endless bickering and dick waving; and in religion, to war. So we just avoid them in our day-to-day conversations. It’s better that way.

Or is it?

Let’s be clear right off the bat: This is not about what qualifies as an intellectual topic of conversation. I’m not going to sit here and list off all the interesting and worldly things you should be talking about with your…

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The Swim Reaper V Topiary Cats

This is surreal, as well as in the case of the Swim Reaper, really serious.
And in answer to the blogger’s question: I am definitely Team Topiary Cat – I hate swimming and love cats :)


I am not changing my mind- the coolest thing on the Internet is the Swim Reaper.

But The Reaper does have some competition- meet Topiary Cats

Which team are you on?

Team Reaper or Team Topiary Cat?


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