A mélange, a collection, a library, a museum of things I like, or find thought provoking. To make them easy for me to find if nothing else.

My main interest is STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), but I am interested in almost everything else, too.

It started with animals, big cats in particular. Physics soon followed and by age ten, I remember replicating one of Michael Faraday’s experiments using a large magnet, a hand drill and a coil of wire. That was at school, at home I had a chemistry set, and I still have my little microscope, complete with wooden case, along with an oscilloscope I built from a kit.

The arts were sparked into life by an enthusiastic, and eccentric, English teacher. Twelfth Night and First World War poetry were painstakingly pulled apart, and then passionately performed or read.

My careers since then has included everything from barkeep and farm hand, to analyst and executive coach. I have been lucky to work with wonderful people from every continent*.

*My thesis supervisor was based in a research station in Antarctica.

The image above is one I took in Stourhead, England, a beautiful National Trust property and landscaped garden. Everything you see is actually artificial, the lake, the hills, the planting. Though it is no less lovely for all that.

I have been using this image, in one form or another, as the banner for my website since at least 2009, and probably earlier. So it is kind of a trademark. Therefore the image is © Noel G, 2009-2018. All rights are reserved.

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