What is the best sci-fi spaceship ever?

What’s your favourite science fiction space ship? After a lifetime of reading SF I’ve a huge choice from Jules Verne’s Nautliaus onwards. It has to be the ship belonging to, and indeed made for, the Vorlon, Kosh, in Babylon 5. An organic, sentient spaceship, built just for you. Heaven :)

Matthew Wright

Here’s a conundrum for you. What’s the best sci-fi spaceship ever? What makes it your favourite? There have been so many really neat sci-fi spaceships that there’s no right answer – or maybe any single answer – to this one.  We’ll all have our favourites, and they’re all valid.

An “Eagle” from Gerry Anderson’s mid-1970s “Space 1999”. A picture I made using my Celestia astronomy software.

I don’t have any single favourite. My top list de jour (which may change), and in no particular order, is:

  1. The TARDIS. Because it’s – well, it’s the TARDIS, innit.
  2. The Eagle Transporter. This has to be the most iconic ship from 1970s sci-fi, and for all the silliness of its apparently near-infinite mass-ratio and one or two other things, it really captured the look you might expect for a tough utility spacecraft of the near future.
  3. Battlestar Galactica (from the re-imagined 2003-09 mini-series…

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