Publishing Post 3: Readability of Science Articles

How well you write matters, whether as here a scientific report, or a business report, or even a blog post. Write it poorly, and your intended readers are less likely to engage with it, or remember it, assuming they even finish reading it.

The communication of science, especially to the public, is a passion of mine. And I think this is a lovely piece.

Maiko Kitaoka

Think of a book you read recently that was absolutely amazing. One that made you lose sleep because it pulled you in and you read late into the night. One that gave you a “book hangover” when you were done because your mind was still absorbed in the book despite having finished the last word on the last page.

Now contrast that with the dullest, most confusing book you’ve ever read. One that you put down immediately because you didn’t understand what was happening, or because the writing just didn’t pull you in well enough.

There’s a huge difference. There are personal preferences involved in determining which books you like and which books you hate, but the phenomenon remains the same. You are engrossed in the books you like, because there’s something that makes it flow perfectly.

A similar phenomenon most definitely occurs with scientific articles.

Reading scientific articles is…

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