The Swim Reaper V Topiary Cats

This is surreal, as well as in the case of the Swim Reaper, really serious.
And in answer to the blogger’s question: I am definitely Team Topiary Cat – I hate swimming and love cats :)


I am not changing my mind- the coolest thing on the Internet is the Swim Reaper.

But The Reaper does have some competition- meet Topiary Cats

Which team are you on?

Team Reaper or Team Topiary Cat?


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About Noel G

My sites are a mélange. A collection; a library; a museum: of things I like, or find thought provoking. To make them easy for me to find if nothing else.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Noel!
    Thank you for the re-blog.
    And, I love your blog, what a fun read.

    Team Topiary Cats…good call.
    If my cats ever find out I’m on Team Reaper, it will not go well for me 😉they’re sketchy little characters.

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