David Attenborough- and some penguins, some gorillas, and a pretty lizard

I have been watching David Attenborough for as long as I can remember. This clip recalls some of his earlier work, from long before I encountered him, as well as the more well-known pieces. Including the gorillas of course, and new to me, the baby (blind) rhinoceros.

The lizard is Attenborough’s fan-throated lizard (Sitana attenboroughii), a species of fan-throated lizards from Kerala in southern India. It is one of around fifteen species named after him.

Image: By David Raju [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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My sites are a mélange. A collection; a library; a museum: of things I like, or find thought provoking. To make them easy for me to find if nothing else.

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