The Stripper: no Rocky Horror

Went to see The Stripper, by Richard O’Brien, he of the Rocky Horror Show. It looks good based on a pulp fiction book by Carter Brown. A washed up detective investigates a suicide that isn’t. Cue a tale of lonely hearts, strippers, and a florist who looks more than a little like a 1970′s Elton John. The lead playing the detective is good, sings, and dances well. He has that great look and feel of a 1950′s jaded US detective. The stage is a marvel, too. Constantly shifting and rotating between the scenes. Sadly, that the good bits over. The actress playing the stripper Delores, is a ex-model, with the androgynous figure that that implies. A far cry form the burlesque image I expected. The songs could have been better, some were frankly naff; the story was good, and yet just needed those extra touches to make it brilliant.

In Rocky Horror to which it is inevitably compared the hilarious and outrageous plot is punctuated with the odd moment that is a ‘filler’. Here is the other way round: odd moments of brilliance and lots of stuff that was ok, but not great .

This is a real shame, this could have been so good. It desperately cries out for a co-writer to take the great ideas and make them really work. I suppose this is my real problem with it. It was good, but could so easily have been great. I am left therefore somehow disappointed.