Lessons in motivation ca. 1570

I recently wrote of Roger Ascham, and it reminded me of something that has long been a gripe of mine. Why is it that so many seem to think that fear is the best way to motivate? I read recently that research into the behaviour of managers, shows that one third are, “Too afraid to […]

Blogging – or not

Just saw this quote “The least learned, for the most part, have been always most ready to write.” It’s from Roger Ascham, a teacher to Queen Elizabeth I . Made me smile, thinking of some blogs I’ve recently seen. Also provides a good excuse for me not writing much ;)

Zen Habits logo

Zen and the art of blogging

Zen Habits is brilliant, perhaps even life changing. I recently found this Zen based site on improving your life, your mind, and almost anything else you wish to improve. I love almost everything about it. The design of the site is clean and clear, and the author has relinquished the copyright on the site. Very […]